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Balkanforschung / Publikationen zum Thema

GLATZ, Ferenc: Balkan Policy and the Renaissance of Balkan Studies 2005
GLATZ, Ferenc: Changes in Foreign Political Thinking, 2004–2006. In Place of a Foreword
GLATZ, Ferenc: Three Years of Balkan Research (2005–2008)
GLATZ, Ferenc: Öffnung nach dem Süden. Politik, Wirtschaft, Geschichtswissenschaft
GLATZ, Ferenc: Regionale Geschichtsbetrachtung in Ostmitteleuropa

Projektbericht 2007
Projektbericht 2009
Projektbericht 2010

ANTAL, István: Road Transport of the Southeast European Region
BAYER, József: Different Traditions and Political Compatibility in the Balkan Region
BEREND T., Ivan: From Plan to Market, From Regime Change to Sustained Growth in Central and Eastern Europe
CSAPLÁR-DEGOVICS, Krisztián: Serb–Albanian Conflict on the Territory of Present-day Kosovo
CZELNAI, Rudolf: The Climate of the Balkan Area
ENYEDI, György: Urbanization in East Central Europe
ERDŐSI, Ferenc: The Direction of Development in Trans-European Traffic Axes and its Impact on the Spatial Structure of the Balkans
ERDŐSI, Ferenc: The Role of Politics in the Transport of the Balkans
FLEISCHER, Tamás: The Trans-European Corridors
GÁL, Kinga: The Future of Kosovo and the Role of the EU
GYARMATI, István: Kosovo and the European Security Policy
HAJDÚ, Zoltán: The Formation of States and the Division of Administrative Regions within the Balkans after 1990
HARDI, Tamás: The Transformation of the City Network in the Balkans
ILLÉS, Iván: Transformation of the Territorial Structure in South-Eastern Europe
INOTAI, András: The Dilemmas of the Southeast European (West Balkan) Policy of the EU
JESZENSZKY, Géza: Ethnic and State Territorial Changes in the Balkans
JORDAN, Peter: Veränderungen der Umweltsituation seit der politischen Wende in Mitteleuropa
JUHÁSZ, József: Hungarian Aspects of the Kosovo Conflict
JUHÁSZ, József: Regional Political Conditions of Building Hungarian Contacts
KÁDÁR, Béla: The Balkan Region and Hungarian Foreign Policy
KÁDÁR, Béla: The External Economy of the European Union, South-Eastern Europe and Hungary
MAKAY, György: The Opportunities and Risks of the Hungarian Grain Economy and Romania’s Accession to the Union)
MICHELBERGER, Pál: European Transportation System and the Southeast European Space
MIKA, János–NÉMETH, Ákos: Climatic Characteristics and Tendencies of Climate in Bulgaria and Romania
NAGY, Frigyes: The Impact of the South-Eastern Enlargement of the EU on the Hungarian Agriculture
NIKIFOROV, Konstantin: The Balkan Policy of Russia in the 1990s
NOVÁK, Tamás: The Possibilities of Accession of Southeast European Countries to the EU
RECHNITZER, János: The Balkan Space within the European Regional Policy
RUPPERT, László: The Impact of the Southeast-Oriented Transport of the EU on Hungary
SÁRKÖZY, Tamás: Das Privatisierungsrecht in den ehemaligen sozialistischen Staaten Europas
SCHÜTZ, Nándor: The Impact of Romania’s and Bulgaria’s Accession to the European Union on Their Agricultural Economy
SOMLYÓDY, László: The Danube, Water Management and Navigation
SOMOGYI, Ferenc: The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union and Hungary
SUPPAN, Arnold: Die südöstliche EU-Erweiterung aus der Sicht eines Wiener Osteuropa-Historikers
SZ. BÍRÓ, Zoltán: The Balkan Policy of Russia
SZABÓ, Márton: The Agriculture of Macedonia – a Small Tiger or just a Cat?
SZENTIVÁNYI, Gábor: The Balkan Region and Hungarian Foreign Policy
SZENT-IVÁNYI, István: The Southeastern Enlargement of the European Union as Seen from Strasbourg
SZILÁGYI, Imre: What Do Neighbors Think?
TABAJDI, Csaba: The Western Balkans and the European Union Today
TAKÁCS, Miklós: Historical Arguments and Future Solutions
TÁNCZOS, Katalin: Harmonization Tasks in Transport in an Enlarging European Union
TARNAI, Júlia: The Development of Logistics Services in the Countries of South-Eastern Europe
UDOVECZ, Gábor: The Agriculture of the Balkans from the Point of View of the European Union and Hungary
UDVARDI, Iván: Kosovo and the Hungarian Foreign Policy
VÁRADY, Tibor: Minority Rights in the Successor States of Former Yugoslavia
ZÁGONI, Miklós: Main Trends of the Changing European Climate